Pastoral Chat

26 June 2016

My dear readers, 

(Excerpts from Building Firm Foundations, Dr SH Tow / Daily Remembrancer) 

  1. The AIDS plague

The world is in a dreadful mess, particularly in the area of sexual relationships.    Those who are involved try it by giving new names to old desperately to justify sins. Extramarital sex or adultery is euphemistically called an “affair,” fornication is “free love” and sodomy is “gay lifestyle.” Cover-ups do not improve matters, but only make the problem worse. 

An AIDS epidemic is sweeping across America. Thousands of homosexuals have  died from this  modern  plague,  a  grim  reminder  of God’s judgment on  Israel  for her  fornication, when in one day 24,000 perished from a deadly plague (Numbers 25:1-9). God stayed the plague when Phinehas, in righteous indignation, executed a couple who openly committed fornication in the sight of the congregation. 

Is there now a voice of protest from the Church of Jesus Christ against this open and shameless sexual perversion? Far from it, but rather a group of prominent high churchmen, Catholic and Protestant, publicly declared that AIDS is not punishment sent from God. These men, in the name of the Church, have gone out of their way to condone and encourage a filthy immoral practice. 

What is the cause of these sexual perversions? Basically it is a rejection of God. Romans Chapter one makes the diagnosis very clear.  Verses 19-21 say that men willfully refuse the knowledge of God in the face of adequate evidence. Man without the knowledge of God, and the restraint of His holy law, fall into gross darkness and vile practices according to their own filthy lusts and abnormal affections. As a result women lust after women, and men after men (verses 26, 27). 

God judged the Israelites for their fornication (premarital and extramarital sex) with a plague. He judged Sodom and Gomorrah for their homosexual and other perverse acts with an overthrow: fire and brimstone from heaven buried the cities of the plain (in the Dead Sea area). The AIDS epidemic is clearly God’s hand. The worst is yet to come. 

Believing fathers and mothers, moral confusion will come if we refuse God’s Word and God’s authority. The only safeguard for you and your home is God’s salvation. Love His Word, honour His holy law, obey His righteous commandments. 

“This is the way: walk ye in it” (Isa 30:21b) Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah. 

  1. Keep moral confusion out

The Apostle Peter has strong words to say about false prophets bringing in ‘damnable heresies’ to pervert the pure teaching of God’s Word and cause confusion in the people’s minds. “And many shall follow their pernicious ways” (2 Pet 2: 1, 2). Be on your guard, therefore! 

Confusion prevails in the area of sexual morality. People are confused: God’s Word says, it’s sinful. Church leaders say, it’s all right. The confused person is not sure. He struggles with right versus wrong. He tries to justify what he is doing, which somehow doesn’t seem right. He says that it is good, but he really doesn’t feel good or look good or act well. There is confusion. 

Charles Krauthammer in a July 9, 1984, TIME essay makes this observation: “Perhaps the deepest cause of moral confusion is the state of language itself, language that has been bleached of its moral distinctions, turned neutral, value free, “nonjudgmental.” When that happens, discourse becomes difficult, moral distinctions impossible, and moral debate incomprehensible. If abortion is simply “termination of pregnancy’’, the moral equivalent of, say, removing a tumour, how do you account for a movement of people dedicated to its abolition? If homosexuality is merely “sexual preference” - if a lover’s sex is as much a matter of taste as, say, hair colour … then why the to-do over two men dancing in Disneyland? But there is a fuss because there is a difference.  One can understand neither, with language that refuses to make distinctions.” 

What is the answer? There is just one solution: return to the Word of God. When God’s Word shines in, we see light and truth. Like a two-edged sword it cuts and divides error from truth. Nothing is able to clear confusion as the Word of God - quick, powerful, sharp. 

The question is: how well do you know God’s Word? Some Christians keep their Bibles in bookcases for show, and carry them to church like rusty swords - unused, untouched, unopened.   

Dear reader, get to know God’s Word real well. It will be to you not a rusty sword, but a trusty sword. That is the best way to keep moral confusion out of your home. God’s Word cleanses and protects. 

Lord, defend our homes, especially the young people, from moral confusion.

  1. “Thy word have I hid in mine heart” (Ps 119:11)

 (Daily Remembrancer January 29) 

“O HOW LOVE I THY LAW!  IT IS MY MEDITATION ALL THE DAY.”  The tables of the old covenant were laid up in the ark, within the holy place; the treasures of the new covenant should be hidden in the believer’s heart.  By daily prayerful meditation, we should seek to understand, enjoy, and profit from God’s holy word.  It is manna for the soul, light upon the road to God, and the rule by which we do His work.  Let us lay up the gracious doctrines, which are the ground of our confidence; the exceeding great and precious promises, which are inexhaustible sources of strength and comfort; and the kind and holy precepts, which are our unerring guides.  Hidden in the heart, no one can rob us of this priceless gift; nor do we have far to seek when we want it to enjoy.  But in order to do this, we must diligently search its pages, ponder it in our minds, and feed upon it as our daily food.  Except we hide it in our hearts, we shall not be sanctified by it, nor will it be written and read in our lives.  May it be our daily prayer, that God would put His laws into our minds, and write them upon our hearts. 

Its promises rejoice the heart,
Its doctrines are forever true;
Knowledge and pleasure they impart
They comfort and instruct us too.


Yours faithfully in the Saviour’s Service,

Dr SH Tow, Sr Pastor