Daily Remembrancer

January 17 Evening: "Thy people shall be willing" - Ps 110:3
"PRAISE GOD HE CHOSE US IN CHRIST BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD." It was God who came to us. No man by nature is willing to come to Christ for salvation, or to be saved by free and sovereign grace alone. Human nature is too obstinate, perverse, and proud: if we are willing it is God who has made us so. Nor is anyone desirous, or even willing, to be made truly holy, except he is taught of God. If therefore we would do good, if we are heartily desiring and earnestly seeking to be made holy in heart and life, it is because we are under the teaching of the Holy Spirit. What a mercy to know this! How often do we give human nature credit for being better than it is, and fancy that what we feel, desire, and do, is merely from an enlightened mind, and not from a sanctified heart. The Lord's people are made willing by the Lord's power; but that power works so secretly, so silently, and so imperceptibly, that we do not perceive it. Are you in doubt, whether God hath really called you by grace or no? Enquire, am I willing to be saved by the Lord Jesus as a poor lost sinner? Am I concerned to be made holy, as well as to be made happy? If so, you are, without doubt, one of the Lord's people. O be thou willing to be made willing!

Willing to be saved by grace,
Let me see Thy glorious face;
Willing to be holy too;
Work in me Thy will to do.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.