Daily Remembrancer

February 15 Evening: "The Holy Spirit of promise" - Eph 1:13
GOD'S PROMISES TO US ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE. Not one word will ever go to waste. The great blessing promised in the Old Testament is the Son of God; the great promise of the New Testament is the Holy Spirit. He was promised to Jesus as the reward of His work; and He is promised to us who ask in faith. Jesus gives this living water, and all who receive it, find it to be a well of water springing up into everlasting life. The Spirit is promised to us, to teach us, lead us, comfort us, and assist us in every duty; we are dependent upon Him for light, life, joy, peace, and power, as we are upon Jesus for atonement, righteousness, and acceptance with God. He is the Spirit of promise also, as it is His work to unfold, apply, and prompt us to plead the promises before God. Without Him we read the promises but do not appreciate their fullness, realize their glory, or appropriate them to ourselves; but under His teaching, the promises appear in view, exactly suited to us, exceeding great and very precious. Every Christian has to learn in the school of experience his dependence upon and daily need of the Holy Spirit of promise. Beloved, let us never grieve Him, but with diligence let us obey Him in everything.

Father, the sealing Spirit give,
In me to live and reign!
Let me the promise now receive,
And never thirst again.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.