Daily Remembrancer

February 16 Evening: "By grace ye are saved" - Eph 2:5
WE WERE ONCE DEAD IN TRESPASSES AND SINS. We were without help, without hope, until God in pity reached down to us. What a mercy to be saved, saved by mere favour! But our salvation from first to last is of grace. It originated in the mind of God before time began; and it will be completed before the throne of God, when time shall be no more. We are chosen to salvation, chosen in Christ, and this choice was eternal, sovereign, and immutable. Election gave us a name in God's book, an interest in the Saviour's merit, and a part in the saints' inheritance. We are redeemed from among men: this is favour undeserved. In redemption, a price is paid for us, by Him who came to pay the debt He did not owe, for us who owed the debt we could not pay. By Him we are called to God's kingdom and glor y, a favour inestimable, unspeakable. That calling gives us a new life, and an interest in covenant blessings. We are kept by the power of God, prevented from being overcome by foes, from being crushed by dangers, and from the apostasy of the age, for we are appointed unto salvation. O to grace how great a debtor, daily I'm constrained to be! Salvation is a favour God bestows,

Through Jesus' blood on enemies and foes;
By sovereign grace to make His glory known,
He raises sinners to surround His throne.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.