Daily Remembrancer

March 27 Evening: "Ye ask, and receive not" - Jas 4:3
"BECAUSE YE ASK AMISS." The fault is ours, not God's. He is not unwilling to bestow, but He never will sanction sin, or encourage folly; and this He must do if He answered all our prayers. In prayer God looks at our motives. He reads our hearts while He listens to our words. If we pray for temporal things to pamper our appetites, or gratify our lust, we have no reason to expect that God will give them. If we ask for spiritual things with a carnal end, God is just in withholding them. We may ask for good things that we may become eminent in the estimation of men, be respected by our fellows, or applauded by the multitude. Even grace and holiness may be prayed for in order to gain a name. Our object should be simply to honour God, to exalt Jesus, and to promote His cause. Or, we may ask in an unbecoming manner. We may be too anxious for temporal things. We may be indifferent about spiritual things. See, then, the cause why our prayers are not always answered; the motive, or the end in view or the spirit displayed is not good. The prayer is as the design is. Let us ask then, Why do we pray? How do we pray? For what do we pray?

I fear I often ask amiss;
Lord, search my heart and see;
My motives purify, nor cease
To draw my soul to Thee.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.