Daily Remembrancer

August 4 Evening: "O that God would speak!" - Job 11:5
JOB'S FRIENDS WERE MISERABLE COMFORTERS. They misread his case. They failed to convince or to comfort him by their reasonings. They wanted to know the truth behind Job's suffering, therefore one of them at length exclaims, "O that God would speak!" Thus the believer often exclaims: it supposes a desire to be enlightened, a persuasion of the insufficiency of all but God, a legitimate and reasonable curiosity. To whom may we desire God to speak? To ourselves, to assure us of our interest in His love, to relieve us under our distresses and to establish us in the truth; to sinners to quicken them, to convert them, and to bring them over to the Lord's side; to mourners, to comfort them, to strengthen them and to set them at liberty; to backsliders, to reprove and restore them to holiness, to happiness, and to usefulness. What does the exclamation teach us? Confidence in God: that we should apply to God in time of perplexity. Tried believer, God will speak for you. Devoted Christian, God will speak with you. How does He speak? By His word, by His providence, by His Spirit. Then let us listen to His voice. Let us plead with Him often to speak by His preachers, by His ordinances, by His word, and by every dispensation.

Sweet is the voice of God's own peace
Borne by the Gospel's welcome sound;
Lord let me leave this life of ease
To bear Thy message as Thou please,
To ends of earth where man is found,
With fervent love and never cease.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.