Daily Remembrancer

September 25 Evening: "Submit yourselves therefore to God" - Jas 4:7
"HUMBLE YOURSELVES IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD." For He is God and none else. The natural man does not like submission to God, and yet there is no happiness without it. It is only as our wills accord with God's, as we cheerfully submit to all His dispensations, that we can be truly happy. Without submission there can be no holiness, for there is rebellion. If I refuse to submit to God, I am opposing His authority, questioning His wisdom, doubting His love, and despising His word. In proportion as I am sanctified, I shall cheerfully bow to whatever I know to be the will of God, receive with gratitude whatever comes from the hand of God, and endeavour to do whatever bears the stamp of His authority. Without submission there is no salvation. We must acknowledge His justice, confess our sins, bow at His throne, seek for pardon on the ground of mercy, and accept His plan of salvation by grace, or we shall never be delivered from the wrath to come. Submit yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, to be saved by His grace, to be ruled by His word, to be settled by His providence, and to be employed for His glory. Only submit, and you are happy; seek sanctification, entire submission, and you are safe for ever.

The Sov'reign Father, good and kind,
Wants but to have His child resigned
Beneath His will with yielded heart,
O Lord to me this grace impart.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.