Daily Remembrancer

September 26 Morning: "Partakers of the heavenly calling" - Heb 3:1
"THE SON OF GOD BECAME THE SON OF MAN" for just this one purpose, that we the sons of men might become the sons of God, and be partakers of the heavenly calling. Beloved, God has called us by His grace and gospel into the knowledge of His Son, into the favour of Jesus, to receive of His blessed Spirit; to enjoy fellowship with Christ, to bear His image and to partake of His righteousness, wisdom, unsearchable riches, and eternal glory. This calling is heavenly in its origin, its progression and consummation; it is from heaven to heaven. All believers are blessed with the same calling; they are called by the same Lord, to the same cross and throne, to possess and enjoy the same title and the same royal privileges. This calling is the highest honour and favour that can be conferred upon a sinner; it is the gift of free and unmerited love; its enjoyment calls for gratitude and praise. Are we called with an heavenly calling? Then we should walk with God apart from the world, follow the Saviour, set our affection on things above, and prepare for our heavenly home, our glorious inheritance. Let us make our calling and election sure, and then sing -

As Thou wilt, dispose of me,
Saviour make me one with Thee;
Help me in my life express
All the gifts of holiness:
Daily by my actions prove
I am Thine by filial love.
Adapted and edited by Dr Tow S H.