MAR 21

Ecclesiastes 11:6
Memorise Ecclesiastes 11:6
"for thou knowest not whether shall prosper"


Thus the advice given is for man to live a responsible life, to sow the seeds of harvest at the right time, and wait upon God to prosper. For the farmer, he is to sow his seed in the morning, and never withhold his hand from the labours that he is appointed to do. In contrast, the fool will spend his time observing the winds and the clouds, worrying about the right time to sow, but never actually doing it.

The results of our labour are wholly in God’s domain. He alone is the one who can choose to send the rain, or withhold the clouds. No amount of worrying or planning is going to change these things. Furthermore, the results might not always go the way that we expect it to, for we know not whether we shall prosper, in this or that. He may choose to send a bumper harvest one year, but then send a famine and drought another yet. Or he could chose to give us year after year of plenty, or year after year of less.

But no matter what, we are assured that God’s plan is always the best for us. No matter what happens, we just need to continue sowing the seed, to do our part, and leave the rest to God. This is what faith and the responsible life entails. The things we cannot control, we leave it to God. However, for the areas in our life that we can do something about, we do it to the best of our abilities, to be responsible, productive and wise.

Dear teen, do you spend a lot of time fretting over things which are beyond your control? Sometimes in the midst of our worrying, we forsake even our own basic responsibilities. We may not know what questions are coming up for the examinations, but on our part, our duty is simply to study. We do what we can to ensure that we know the content of the syllabus, and then the rest is up to the Lord. It may so be that the questions that come out are exactly the topics that we are not so confident in. Or it could be that the few areas where we studied harder were the ones that came out in the exam! We may spend all our time pondering over all these possible scenarios, but at the end of the day, it will make no difference. Rather, we ought to just be responsible for the things we can control – that is all that God requires of us.

Thought: I can’t change God’s will, but I can change mine!
Prayer: Lord, help me to rest secure in Your promises, and to willingly and joyfully obey Your will.