MAY 20

1 Peter 5:7


As Becky nibbled at her breakfast, she thought about the big maths test she would be taking later that day. Even though she had studied hard, there were butterflies in her stomach! Tests made her nervous! "Not hungry this morning, dear?" asked Mother as she noticed Becky’s nearly full cereal bowl".

I keep thinking about that horrible maths test," Becky replied with a worried look. "But you seemed to know how to work all of the problems when you were studying last night," said Mother.

"Yes, but it’s different when I have to do them on a test," said Becky with sigh. "I’m comfortable when I’m at home with you and Daddy, but I get scared at school, and everything seems to get jumbled up in my mind."

Mother sat down next to Becky and gently reached for her hands."You know, Daddy and I can’t be with you at school, but your heavenly Father will be with you all through your test," she said reassuringly. "He doesn’t want you to worry. He tells us to give all of our worries and anxieties to Him, because He cares for us so very much."

"I know." Becky sighed. "But I still get so nervous," she said.
Mother smiled understandingly. "Why don’t you tell God how you feel," she suggested, "and really give Him your worries by believing He will help you. He wants to give you His peace in place of the worries that are there. Shall we pray about it together?"

Slowly Becky nodded and bowed her head. Mother prayed first, and then Becky prayed, too. "Heavenly Father," she said, "I’m really nervous about my test today. Please give me Your peace so I can think clearly on my test. If I start to worry today, remind me that You are with me. Thank You so much. In Jesus’ Name, amen."

"Amen,"said Mother as she gave Becky a hug."Now how about eating some of your breakfast? It’s hard to take a test on an empty stomach."

Thought: Is there something in particular that makes you nervous? Do you get "butterflies in your stomach" when you have to take a test or finish an assignment? God wants you to give your worries to Him. Let Him give you His peace.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, You know as students in Singapore, we have quite a few assessments and tests. Sometimes I feel nervous and worried, but please remind me that You care so much for me. Help me also to cast all my cares on You and let You take care of them. is I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.