1 Corinthians 10:31

                               DO ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD

Today’s verse sounds somewhat tough to follow, does it not? In everything we do, to glorify God? Is it even possible? It is, but it’s very tough...

A Christian should be wholly devoted to God. Paul as a minister put his whole heart to saving the souls of his hearers (read verses 32 and 33) and he earnestly encouraged his readers that in whatever they do, they must do it to the glory of God.

Perhaps let us learn from Paul how he did it. First of all, remember Paul was not perfect and neither would you, or anyone else for that matter. We would never be perfect, until we reach heaven. But everyday, we must keep close to Jesus and learn from the Bible so that the teachings of the Bible will somehow become part of us. And when that happens, we will be able to think more like Jesus, do things the way Jesus would, and that would be doing all to the glory of God.

Paul was also willing to suffer for Christ. He was shipwrecked, flogged (caned), faced many other dangers, all for the sake of the Lord. How about us? It is not likely that God will ask the same of you – to face dangers. But the Lord will ask you and me to live our life for Him, to learn how to
“suffer” for Him.

How we “suffer” could be in the form of not telling a lie, and knowing that telling the truth will make mummy unhappy. Another way could involve us being faithful in doing our QT and reading the Bible, and we “suffer” in not having as much time watching our favourite TV programme.

That is the way God wants us to live. He wants us to do everything for Him. When we do things for the Lord, we will be happy and not complain. When the work can take a long time to do and can be hard, we keep doing it. is could be your school homework, or helping your mum clean part of the house.

Thought: How else could you glorify God?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, please help me remember to do all my work for The. Teach me that it has to be a natural part of me, and it starts with me being faithful with my quiet time and reading my Junior RPG and Bible. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.