Colossians 4:14
2 Timothy 4:10-11


“…Demas hath forsaken me,
…Only Luke is with me…”



Luke, the writer of the third Gospel, was the only Gentile among the writers of the Bible. His gospel is the longest among the four narratives. Luke was the Apostle Paul’s companion in the missionary journeys as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles which he also authored. The church father Eusebius said that Luke left us two inspired volumes in the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. The external testimony for the Lukan authorship of these books is as strong as we could wish for. The total of these two volumes is fifty-two chapters. This makes Luke the author of one-third of the New Testament and his companion Paul, the other third of it. This means, the two of them penned two-thirds of the New Testament.

Luke was not only a writer but a physician by profession (Col 4:14). This was manifested in the way he painstakingly recorded significant details of the life of Jesus and in the Book of Acts. He wrote as one covering a medical case, and medical terms markedly emerged in his writings. He is recognized as a great historian, the writer of the greatest life story of all time. His is an excellent account of the key events of the life of Christ. He recorded the most important era in church history, undoubtedly proving the authenticity of the beginning of Christianity. He is considered by many as a Christian apologist who zealously defended and established the absolute truth of the gospel, emphasizing the legitimacy of Christianity in his two books.

Luke, above all, was a true believer of the Lord Jesus Christ. He never once referred to himself nor mentioned his own name in his writings. He was content to be humbly hidden behind his writings and let the majesty of his Lord and Saviour dominate.

Every believer must have this same intense devotion to share this gospel with others.

THOUGHT: Is Christ exalted daily in my life?
PRAYER: Lord, please grant me the zeal and boldness to testify for Thee. Let me proclaim Thy historicity and Thy Church as recorded in the Bible.