JANUARY 2, John 1:1-5

It’s the second day of the NewYear, but nonetheless, BlessedNewYear! As we start the year, may we start it right with a focus on our wonderful Lord Jesus. Jesus is the Word or the Revelation of God. God has not only spoken in written form but also through a person - that person was Jesus Christ. There is a written Word – the bible. And there is also the living Word - Jesus Christ. Just as the Bible tells us clearly who God is, Jesus as the living Word tells us clearly who God is.

Jesus, being God, was with God the Father in the beginning. As God the Father existed from eternity, so Jesus existed in eternity, even before He was born as a baby in Bethlehem. It is wrong to think that Jesus only existed when He was born into this earth. Jesus Christ was with God the Father when He made the world, bringing life and light.

Not only did Jesus exist from eternity, He knew us from eternity. Is it not amazing – that He knew about us way before we were born? In fact, He knew that we would be born way before Adam & Eve were created!

Memorize John 1:1 and then write it.

Thought: It is so blessed to have a Saviour who knows us before we were born.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we praise You that Jesus existed from everlasting to everlasting, and also that You know and love us before we were born. Help me to return a portion of that love by being a good Christian – In Jesus name I pray, amen.