JANUARY 14, Luke 2:41-52

Not much is recorded in the bible of the childhood of Jesus. However, we know that when Jesus was twelve, he accompanied Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem for the yearly feast of the Passover. The Passover is an important festival in the Jewish calendar when they commemorate the “passing over” of angel of death when God slew the first born of all Egypt (Exodus 12:11-28).

In that visit, Jesus was left behind by Mary & Joseph; you know how adults are sometimes! When they discovered that he was missing, they returned for him and were astonished to find him discussing deep truths with the learned rabbis.

Although Jesus was God, He was also fully human. He also did not cheat. Imagine what he could do in tests in schools he may have attended or any games he may have participated in! He would be topping every test and competition since He was God Almighty! And Jesus was a good child. He was obedient, humble, and followed instructions of parents. He was also willing to learn from God, and that is perhaps why the last verse in this chapter states “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”.

Are you like that? Are you an obedient child who is courteous and helpful? Are you a polite child, knowing that being polite instills and demonstrates grace in us? Are you helpful to weaker students? Do you take time to orientate new students or newcomers to Sunday school? Do you share willingly your pencils and other writing instruments?

Also, do you show a growing understanding of God’s Word? You are to do the Junior RPG everyday. The abbreviation “RPG” stands for “Read, Pray, Grow”. Do you spend time praying over what you read? Most importantly, do you see growth in your Christian life? Do your parents see that you are a better child, perhaps more patient, more kind, more helpful?

Thought: May I be more like the child Jesus

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you know I need help in becoming a better person. I am so glad I have an example in Jesus and Heavenly Father, please help me to follow Him to be a child whom others may see and praise God for. In Jesus’ name, amen.