JAN 13

Numbers 12:1-3
Memorise Matthew 5:5

“… Moses was very meek…”


Meekness is not the same as powerlessness or timidity. Moses is described in this passage as the meekest man in the world. Yet we know that he served as the leader of some two million Jews, and that he led them out of Egypt against the will of Pharaoh. Before they were allowed to leave Egypt, God used Moses to smite that nation with ten plagues, and then to guide the people of Israel across the Red Sea. Clearly, Moses was not a man lacking in power, personality or status.

Yet in today’s passage, we see that even though he was a leader of great importance, he did not take offense when Miriam and Aaron questioned his authority in Numbers 12:2. When Miriam and Aaron spoke against him, he did not make use of his authority to rebuke them. Instead, it was the LORD who chastised Miriam and Aaron and struck Miriam with leprosy. Even then, Moses interceded for Miriam and asked for God to heal her immediately. God’s final judgement, however, was for Miriam to be put out of the camp for seven days, and Moses did not contest it. Thus, we see that meekness is not a lack of power or authority – rather, it is power under control, born out of a submission to God’s will.

From Moses’ example, we know that a person can be in a position of great power and influence and still be meek. This is because meekness is, first and foremost, submission to God. Then, it shows itself in our interactions with others when we are able to put them first. When Miriam challenged Moses’ authority, he was still able to put himself aside and cry out to God to have mercy on her, despite the fact that she had wronged him.

In this day and age, self-assertion and self-confidence are prized as virtues. Meekness is therefore seen as a weakness – something that places us at a disadvantage to others. However, from God’s Word, we can see that meekness is in fact a fruit of the Spirit. Once we are capable of submitting to God in meekness, we will be able to do so in order to seek good for others first, even if it means having to submit to others.

Thought: Am I submitting to God in meekness, and exercising that same spirit of meekness towards others?
Prayer: Lord, help me to be meek like Moses.