FEBRUARY 14, Psalm 119:72


“Oh, Mom, what smells so good?” asked Christy as she put her school books on the kitchen table.


Mother smiled. “You’re right, Christy. A friend at work gave me a bottle of perfume for my birthday. It’s called Lilac Love. Her husband works at the cosmetic company where it’s made, so she gets perfume at a discount.”


Christy picked up the bottle. “Can I try some?”


“Sure,” agreed Mother.


Every now and then during the next few weeks, Christy would smell lilacs and know her mother had been using the new perfume. It really did have a pleasing fragrance.


One day Christy and her mother were at a department store, looking for a new dress for Christy. “Mom, look.” Christy pulled on her mother’s sleeve as they were passing the perfume counter. “There’s a bottle of Lilac Love.”


“Sure enough!” Mother stopped to look at the display.


“Look at this!” Christy exclaimed. “It’s expensive! I bet you didn’t know it cost this much.”


“Wow, I certainly didn’t!” exclaimed Mother in dismay. “Here I’ve been using it just about every day, and it’s almost gone! If I had known how expensive it was, I would have saved it for special occasions.”


Christy smiled. “It’s just like my Sunday school teacher said about the Bible,” she said. “Most people have a Bible, but they don’t understand how valuable it is.”


“You’re so right, Christy,” agreed Mother. “The Bible is even more valuable than a bottle of expensive perfume! But the wonderful thing about the Bible is that even though we can–and should–use it every day, we’ll never run out of its treasure!”


Thought: Do you realize how valuable the Bible is? Do you realize that it explains how you can have eternal life? Do you know that it gives you guidelines for living your life? Some people have a Bible just because they think it’s a good book. They don’t know it’s the inspired Word of God. Thank the Lord for giving you the Bible. Study it and find the hidden treasures inside.

 Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You so much for thy word. May I learn more of it bit by bit that I may be able to appreciate how wonderful and true the Bible is. And may I indeed follow the formula for the RPG – Read, Pray and Grow! In Jesus’ name, amen.