MARCH 14, Galatians 5:21

To be envious is to have “a sense of discontentment or jealousy with regard to another’s success or possessions”. An envious person is not happy with what he or she has and wishes he would be able to get what someone else has.

When does one get envious? Sometimes a child looks at others who may be more clever, or from a wealthy family, or with more friends, and that child gets envious. You may come across envious people often. In fact, your close friend may be an envious person. Even your parent or sibling or teacher! Envy can affect everyone! So how do we overcome envy? Well, one way is to pray that God will help us to be contented. God has given us eternal life and so many other wonderful gifts for which we are so blessed and should be so grateful.

Be happy for others around you when they do well in school or are talented in music or art. And if they come from happy families, even if you think your family is not perfect, be glad for them!

Another way is this - instead of looking at others from your viewpoint, try seeing people as God does. He is not interested or impressed by their wealth or looks or popularity. He sees the wicked as sinners on their way to Hell; He sees Christians as repented sinners who want to live a life to please Him.

It is important to remind ourselves how good God is and these are just some of the many wonderful things He has done for us!

  • God is always with me and holds me up.
  • God will guide me and receive me to glory.
  • The only One who matters is God, and He is the One who takes care of me.
  • God is my strength and portion forever even though I may be weak.

Remember, envy is a sin. The moment you think or know envy is affecting you, pray that God will help you get rid of that thinking and put you back on the right track of being contented for yourself, and happy for others!

Thought: May I never be envious!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You have done so much for me and so please remind me never to be envious. I know it can affect me at times so I have to be so careful to not commit this sin. Instead, help me to be so grateful and contented for the much I have already been blessed with. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.