MAY 18,  1 John 1:7


The dining room at Camp Sentosa rang with singing as the children group gathered for bedtime devotions during the JW Retreat. A storm had been brewing, and soon thunder and lightning interrupted the singing. Suddenly the dining hall was enveloped in darkness. “Sit tight,” Mr. Pang advised. “Uncle Dave will see about getting the lights back on.”

Initially, the kids huddled where they were, but soon they got accustomed to the darkness and became braver. Ignoring Mr. Pang’s warning, some of them started moving around.

As kids moved around, something brushed against Grace’s leg. “What’s that?” screamed Grace as she jumped back, bruising her knee on a table. “All right, kids. Calm down!” Mr. Pang ordered, and the group reluctantly settled down. “While we wait for the lights to come back on, let’s think about what happened tonight,” Mr. Pang continued. “How did you feel when the lights first went out?”

Dylan laughed. “The girls were scared,” he said. “I think you all were a little uncertain and uncomfortable,” said Mr. Pang. “But when you got used to the darkness, some of you actually delighted in it and enjoyed scaring each other. Was that a good thing?”

“No!” Grace promptly replied. “I think it’s dangerous. I hurt my leg.” “Wandering in darkness can be dangerous,” agreed Mr. Pang, “and it’s especially dangerous to wander in what we refer to as the darkness of sin. We sometimes get used to that kind of darkness, too. We may get so used to a particular sin that we actually like it. We don’t realize the danger until we get hurt. We need to stay close to Jesus—He’s our light.”

As Mr. Pang paused, the lights suddenly came back on and the group gave a loud cheer. Mr. Pang nodded. “We also tend to forget,” he added, “that some day everything will be brought to light. Let’s ask God to help us live in such a way that His light brings joy, not embarrassment.”


Thought: Would you like people to know everything you do? Or would it be embarrassing for you if they knew some of the wrong thoughts in your mind?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the lesson today. I don’t want to be counted among those who “loved darkness rather than light” and I pray I would be able to walk in the light by following Jesus. Heavenly Father, especially when I am weak, may I learn to be strong by thy strength. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.