APRIL 17, Galatians 5:22&23

After a heavy meal, would you feel like eating more of the same food? Probably not. However, this is not the case for spiritual food. Matt 6:5 teaches us that if we hunger and thirst after righteousness, we shall be filled. Does that mean after we are filled, we do not hunger and thirst for more spiritual food? No! If we are true Christians, we would want to be right with God and do the right things. And when we do that, we would want to do more of that as we become more and more righteous. That is how a Christian grows spiritually.

If you see a classmate who is the height of your baby cousin, would you be surprised? Of course, yes! That child is not growing properly. Likewise when we consider our spiritual life, there must be evidence of growth. One of the most visible signs is whether that person is changed. Whether that person now submits to God and no longer to his old, selfish thinking. And one of the most obvious signs is to see if that person exhibits the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Read Galatians 5:22&23 and see if you can identify the various aspects of the fruit of the spirit?






Are these 2 verses like a mirror in that you see yourself in it at times?

Or are they absent in you?


Thought: Do I have the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

Prayer: Heavenly father, please forgive me for my lack of hunger and thirst for righteousness. Do please increase my appetite for reading and obeying the Bible. Please help me to be more like Jesus Christ, obedient to Your holy law and Your will for me, kind merciful and compassionate. This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.