JULY 13, Romans 3: 9-10, 23 

You get different answers to the question “What is Man like?”:

“Mm, man is born good but influenced by the environment and turned bad”
“Babies are so cute; they have no sin”

“Man is worse than animals!”

In verses 9 and 10, Paul concluded that both the Jews and the Gentiles have sinned. “There is none righteous, no, not one.” What a sentence! It has with triple negatives – none, no, not. Surely the message is very clear!

I once tried to evangelize to a dear old lady. She singlehandedly brought up 9 children by taking on many jobs. Even when she was poor, she would still share the little she had when someone asked for help. So, when I told her ‘all have sinned’, she raised her voice angrily at me, “Sin? What sin do I have?!”
Indeed she was a responsible mother and compassionate friend. It was very difficult for her to accept what God said about her.There are many like her, who are responsible, kind people and have never committed any crimes in their entire life. Yet Paul is teaching us that all have sinned!

The first step to salvation or believing in Jesus is to know we have sinned. If we do not think we have sinned, we would not want to seek forgiveness, and if we don’t seek forgiveness, we won’t be forgiven or saved.

Thought: May I acknowledge my sins before God

Prayer: Father in heaven, help me to see myself as a sinner before You who needs the Saviour to save me from my sin. I know I need to be cleansed and I pray that on a daily basis, I will stay faithful to You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.