AUGUST 13,  Psalm 19:14


“Everybody loves my watch,” declared Teng one evening. She held out her arm and admired the watch she had gotten from Mom and Dad for Christmas. “I love it myself,” she added with a grin. Dad smiled. “I’m glad to hear that,” he said. After a moment, he asked, “Teng, do you know what an acrostic is?”

“A what?” asked Teng. “An acrostic,” answered Dad. “I’ll show you what I mean.” On a sheet of paper, he wrote the following list and showed it to Teng.

                                         W ords

                                         A ctions

                                         T houghts

                                         C ompanions

                                         H abits

“Oh, you use the letters of the word “watch” for the first letter of some new words,” said Teng. “Right, and each of those words stands for something you should watch,” explained Dad. “The words and actions you use . . .” Dad pointed to the words as he spoke them, “depend on your thoughts.” Dad continued to point to the words about which he was speaking. “Wrong thoughts can lead to wrong words and actions, but right and good thoughts lead to the right kinds of words and actions.”

“Okay,” said Teng. “And how do those things connect with the rest of the words in the acrostic?”

“Well, your words and actions will affect who your closest friends are,” Dad replied. “It’s important to be friendly and kind to all the kids, but closest companions should be Christians. If good words, actions, and thoughts come often enough, they result in choosing good friends and also good habits.” Dad smiled. “When you see the watch on your arm, let it remind you of this acrostic,” he suggested. “That’s a nice and easy way of remembering what God wants, Dad!” said Teng with a grin.



Thought: Ask God to help you in each area described in the above paragraphs.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray that each time I see a watch, may it remind me to ask You for help in making good choices regarding words, actions, thoughts, companions, and habits. And help me to ask myself if all of those things are pleasing to You. This is my plea in Jesus’ name, Amen.