APR 17

Jude 1-4
Memorise Jude 3
“That ye should earnestly contend for the faith…”


Of the seven roots, it is the American root that directly produces the Bible Presbyterian distinctive – biblical separation. Although we are descendants of the English Presbyterian Mission, and were Singapore- Chinese Presbyterians, we became Bible Presbyterians. This is due to what Timothy Tow learned when he was at Faith Seminary. By God’s providence, he learned to defend God’s infallible, inerrant and forever preserved Word.

The American influence can be seen when a similar battle took place in the Presbyterian movement in Singapore. When Timothy Tow came back to pastor Life Church at Prinsep Street in the English service, it was soon clear that the Chinese Presbyterian Synod was linked to the Malayan Christian Council (MCC) which was also linked to the World Council of Churches (WCC). He passionately espoused the cause of Christ under the International Council of Christian Churches, raised of God to be the banner of truth in the end times.

Together with other faithful men, Timothy Tow brought a motion to request the Synod to leave the MCC as it was part of the Ecumenical Movement. It was a case of David against the Goliath. But Timothy Tow and the valiant men who fought with him were very much encouraged by the likes of their American counterparts who were strong and courageous. Thus the ongoing battle between fundamentalism and modernism continued in Singapore. Though the Synod refused to budge, the Lord had greater things for them. Ties were severed with the Synod; Life Presbyterian Church broke away from the mother church and became a fully constituted Church known as Life Bible-Presbyterian Church of Singapore.

Dear teens, are you strong and courageous for the Lord? If you are to contend for the faith, you need to be strong and courageous. You need to be strong to take the many harsh criticisms and hurtful things that men can do. You need to be prepared to meet with rejection and humiliation, as the faithful men that have gone before us. Fight the good fight of faith.

Thought: Many mighty men are lost for failing to take a stand.
Prayer: Our gracious heavenly Father, strengthen me that I might be strong and courageous in Thee.