JUN 14

Acts 2:42
Memorise Acts 2:42
“…continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, and fellowship”


In today’s reading, we read of the beginnings of the New Testament church. The day of Pentecost had just taken place, where the Holy Spirit had filled and empowered the disciples gathered together in Jerusalem. Peter had just delivered a stirring sermon, the result of which was 3,000 souls added to the kingdom of God. Did it end there? No, this was but the beginning!

Verse 42 tells us that the new converts “continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, and fellowship…”. We see something very interesting being described here – not only did they persevere in the apostles’ doctrine (i.e. the Word taught to them by the apostles), they persevered also in their fellowship. The word for “fellowship” here is a very meaningful word that carries the idea of having communion with one another because of a common interest. And what was this common interest which the new Christians shared? The Word of God, of course! Because of their constant diligence in studying the Bible, they were able to partake of true fellowship with fellow believers. At the same time, it is also this mutual communion with one another that provoked them to be ever more fervent in seeking God through His Word, and to persevere in their study of the truths contained in the Bible.

In today’s context, too, we continue to see how the ministry of the Word and fellowship groups works hand-in-hand for the benefit of the saints and to the glory of God. Each fellowship group in church is definitely centred on the Word – the Word is taught to the members, and the Word is what guides each decision that is made. At the same time, the fellowship groups provide the structure through which the Word of God is taught. The common bond that members share help to draw them together and to persevere in their walks with God. Dear teen, may you therefore always be found in the fellowship of likeminded brethren, that you may be much aided in your study of the Word.

Thought: To fellowship around the Word is such a great blessing!
Prayer: Lord, may I grow in Thy Word through the fellowships.