JUN 15

Acts 2:42-43
Memorise Hebrews 10:25
“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…”


Today, we continue to study the topic of fellowship groups. Your church may have fellowship groups, catering to the teens, youth, young adults, adults, and maybe to the seniors as well. What is the purpose of having all these groups? How do they help to contribute to the church as a whole?

We go back to the same passage as yesterday’s reading for more instruction. Here, we see a snapshot of the activities of the early church. The Word of God was taught; the people were engaged in fellowship; they kept the sacraments; and they were always in prayer. In fact, that sounds pretty much like our church today, too! But now, imagine if the element of fellowship is removed from the picture. Yes, the Word of God could continue to be taught, and the people could continue to partake of the Lord’s Supper and to be faithful in prayer, but they would be missing out on a very important element of Christian life. While they might be individually living godly lives and walking with the Lord, there would be no communion, no interaction, no mutual help and encouragement. The church would just be made up of a bunch of strangers gathered together to hear God’s Word, rather than a congregation of brothers and sisters in Christ who are able to share in and bear one another’s burden.

The unique thing about fellowship groups is that they cater to specific age ranges. By interacting with people of the same age, it would be a lot easier to share of common struggles, and to be encouraged by each other’s testimonies. Fellowship groups transform the church into a far warmer place where brother cares for brother. Of course, the Word of God should and must not ever be compromised or relegated to an unimportant position; but we must also recognize the value of fellowship groups in increasing the vibrancy of the church.

Dear teen, have you now come to see the importance and value of fellowship groups? You would probably be still involved in the Teenz fellowship at present. As you grow up, you would be exposed to more different fellowship groups. May you always treasure these times of fellowship, that you may be able to experience the full abundance of the Christian life.

Thought: The Christian life is made more abundant through fellowship.
Prayer: Lord, teach me the joys of true Christian fellowship.