Exodus 1:8
Genesis 50:1-12


“And Joseph died
… now there arose up a new king …”



A new Pharaoh arose to rule Egypt. This particular change of rulership was significant for the descendants of Jacob in Egypt for this new king was one “which knew not Joseph” (Exod 1:8).

Joseph has been mentioned twice since the beginning of the book of Exodus: he was first in Egypt (Exod 1:5) and his death was mentioned separately from the rest of his brethren and descendants (Exod 1:6). Genesis records the great achievements of Joseph in Egypt and how he attained rulership and the respect of the Pharaoh and people of his time. God had given him both the ability to interpret dreams and the wisdom to plan ahead, delivering Egypt from the great famine. Moreover, his astuteness earned great riches for Egypt in that period. He gained the trust of the rulers in Egypt, and was appointed a ruler, next only to Pharaoh. The great send-off funeral Egypt gave for Joseph’s father, Jacob, in Genesis 50 gives us an idea of Joseph’s revered position and power. But a great man still dies, and is forgotten. “Knew not” (Exod 1:8) does not mean that this new Pharaoh had never heard of Joseph. It meant that he was indifferent and oblivious to, had no regard for, nor concerned with Joseph.

Are you taken up with rubbing shoulders and building connections with the who’s who in this world? Do you think such connections important to get things done, get jobs, or get your children into the best schools? We learn here that our future is not dependent upon persons, no matter how able, how well known, how connected, how respected, how powerful, or how rich they are. God has absolute power or control over man and situations. Though God may use man, may we always lean on, and look to, God alone.

THOUGHT: Do I rely on man for security in life?
PRAYER: LORD, I need Thee more than anyone else in life.