DECEMBER 7, Hebrews 3:5-6


Have you wanted to give up on something that you once started with great passion? It could be a resolution to work hard at your studies or to help your family more at home. Even things that we have interest in could lose its attractiveness when we find that it takes up too much effort.


This same struggle gets even fiercer as we serve God. Many adults have stopped serving God because the many difficulties and cares of this world have drawn their attention away from the things of God. Others stopped serving God because they find time spent in the world far more attractive. One day, you too will be an adult and will have to make your own decisions. You will face the same temptations to stop serving God. Will you also give up?


Moses faced many trials throughout his years of ministry but he remained faithful. He had to deal with Israel’s complaints, and when Israel disobeyed God, he had to plead with God not to destroy them. Even his family started to give him trouble by casting doubt on his leadership! We can learn from Moses’ testimony of faithful service. No matter what happens, serve Christ our Master!


However, there will be moments when we are faced with tiredness and will be tempted to give up. What should we do when this happens? To hold fast – to cling on tightly with both hands and to never let go no matter what happens. What should we hold fast to? We must hold fast to the faith and hope that God gave. Do you believe in the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the hope of eternal life? Then hold fast! We have confidence in this promise that our service and labour for the Lord will be worth it all when we see Him in heaven. What a glorious and exciting thought that is! Dear reader, serve faithfully and hold fast to the end!


Can you think of one form of service at home that you can serve God faithfully in? I want to serve God faithfully by



Thought: It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus, our trials will seem so small when we see Christ.


Prayer: Father in heaven, thank You for the joy of salvation and hope of eternal life. Thank You for saving me from sin, and giving me the privilege to serve You. May I to serve You faithfully in all things, holding fast until I see Christ face to face. In Jesus’ name, Amen.