January 1, 1 Peter 1:1

The apostle Peter wrote 1 Peter. Although Peter was only a  fisherman before he met Jesus, he was qualified to write God’s message to the Christians.  The Holy Spirit was with him to enable him to write this message of hope and encouragement. He himself had experienced much hope and encouragement from the Lord, for the Lord forgave and blessed him after he had sinned in denying Jesus three times. You, too, can experience this love of the Lord even if you have sinned in any way.
This is the first day of the year. How has the last year been? Have you been a good witness for Jesus, or have you been a stumbling block to others who may need to see the work of Jesus in you? Can you say that you glorified God last year? Have you been able to control your temper? Have you been kind? Can others, especially those in your family, see a real change in your life?
As you start a new year, may you begin a new life in Christ as Peter did when he realized he needed Jesus. Peter was proud and often acted on his own instead of seeking God’s will.
Turn to God today, and commit to Him every area of your life. Sometimes, we make the mistake of going to Him only when we have problems.  That should not be the way. We must always turn to Him, in good times and in bad.
Thought: May I start the year right!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, forgive me for the many times I have sinned against You; thank You for forgiving me of my sins and loving me still. I want to commit this new year to You and pray that I will not just call You Lord, but indeed look to You to lead me in all areas of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.