January 2, 1 Peter 1:1

Peter wrote this letter to the believers scattered throughout the different parts of Asia Minor, which is modern day Turkey. Those believers were called “strangers” because they had to leave their homeland and seek refuge in distant lands since they were persecuted for their faith. In those days, Christians who refused to worship the Roman emperor as well as idols were often persecuted. But there is another reason why they were called “strangers”. It was a reminder to them that their stay on earth was temporal and their real home is heaven which they would go to when they die. We, too, must remember that we are strangers on earth.
Life was hard for these early Christians. Not only did they miss their homeland, they were also despised in the new land they had gone to. Yet, although rejected by men, they were special in God’s sight, for they were the chosen of God for His everlasting Kingdom. As an earthly father takes care of his children, God cared and protected them.
Peter wrote to the Christians scattered throughout Asia Minor to encourage them. Likewise, I can also write letters or cards to people I know to encourage them. Who can they be?
1. _________________________ for Teachers’ Day.
2. _________________________ for taking care of me.
3. _________________________ to encourage him/her.
Thought: Peter wrote to encourage, so can I!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to be an “encourager”. Whether I encourage someone by writing, or through a phone call, or through a discussion, help me to do something for Jesus. For it is in his name that I pray, amen.