January 6, 1 Peter 1:2

We all shower every day, don’t we? Why? We want to be clean! In the same way, from the spiritual perspective, we need to be sanctified by the Spirit in order to be spiritually cleansed and washed. We cannot be sanctified without God. Neither can we be sanctified without an active participation on our own. We will need to want to be sanctified; we will need to reject the things of the world, and to receive the things of God. Sanctification is not through some external act, but is an inward change in our hearts and minds, that we will devote ourselves to God as we are made clean.
Sanctification begins when a person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and His coming again. No person can become a Christian without the working of the Holy Spirit. That person then becomes a new creature, renewed after the image of God. Sanctification is also not a one-time exercise. It continues throughout a believer’s life, and on a daily basis, the Christian has to be cleansed.  That is why we pray for the forgiveness of our sins daily, and that is why in the Lord’s Prayer, a portion of it is about our asking God for the forgiveness of our trespasses. It is all the work of the Holy Spirit and is not what the world may have us believe, a “turning over a new leaf ” or making of resolutions.
6 01 2019
Thought:  The best cleansing is from the Holy Spirit!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the blessed Holy Spirit that indwells in me when I committed my life to You. May I continue to live a holy life so that I will not grieve the Holy Spirit. I know that is tough, and that is why I will need Your help. In Jesus’ name I ask, amen.