January 9, 1 Peter  1:4-5

Inheritances are what people receive from loved ones when these loved ones die. Some inheritances can be huge, as some of these who die are very wealthy. Some inheritances are not about wealth, but feature interesting collections of art, or even furniture. However, the best inheritance of all is that given by the most powerful being in the world, and that is God! By His grace, we have an inheritance in heaven!
Earthly inheritances are always temporal. Properties can be sold, money spent, valuables used up.  They could also be stolen.  The inheritance God gives is different for we are taught it is incorruptible, defiled, and fadeth not away.
This spiritual inheritance cannot be spoilt or stained, as it has been bought by the blood of Jesus. Despite our sins and failings, if we had sincerely accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour, our salvation will never be lost. It will also not fade away. We will always value the wonder and beauty of this most precious gift of eternal life!
However, because we cannot see salvation with our physical eyes, some people doubt its value. These are the people who need to see to believe. If we think through carefully, there are many things we cannot see but we know exist. Do you see a gust of wind, or the love of your parents, or the fun you enjoy when you are with good friends, or the excitement you feel before a major event?
Dear child, pray for the eyes of faith to understand and fully appreciate this great inheritance.
Thought: Heavenly inheritance greater than any other!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give me the spiritual understanding to comprehend how precious this wonderful gift is. And help me to receive it with humility and gratitude. For this I ask in the wonderful name of my Saviour Jesus, amen.