January 10, 1 Peter 1:6-7
Do you have any trials? Christians, though blessed abundantly by the Lord, are not exempt from trials or difficulties. Trials are times when serious difficulties come your way. Some of you may have been very ill, or may come from families that are broken, whose parent may not be around for long periods of time. Some of you may not be able to afford things many of your friends take for granted. How do you find the strength to overcome these difficulties?
On the other hand, some of you may not have experienced trials. Life has been kind; your parents love you, discipline you for the right reasons, you have no lack in material things, you are doing alright in school.
Which group would you rather be in: the first or the second? Naturally, we would prefer to be in the second group. However, we are told by Peter that all Christians will be tested and that we will undergo trials. If you are in the first group, hang on with the Lord’s strength, and know the testing will be for your good. As fire refines the gold it burns, your faith will be polished by trials.
If you are in the second group, thank God, but do not be complacent. Know that trials are good for us, and can be precious as they can bring us closer to God. If you are able to keep close to God without trials, that is wonderful. But if you belong to the group of people who need difficulties and trials to test you, strengthen your faith, to remind you of the need to return to God, beware. It is far better to keep close to the Lord than to have trials bring you close to Him.
 Thought: Should trials come my way, I must be prepared.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, let me follow the faithfulness of Jesus, who suffered the cruel cross and withstood so many trials. I am comforted that my Saviour will understand fully all my difficulties and so I ask for the strength and courage to face any trials in my life.  is I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.