January 13, 1 Peter 1:15-17


What is holiness? It is to be specially chosen by God to be set apart from sin, to stay away from that which will stain and soil. But in practical terms for you, my child, what does this mean?  There are so many areas of your life we can consider holiness, but let us just think about one – that of entertainment.
What games do you play? Are the games you play suitable for a child of God? Do you access the Internet without proper supervision to play the thousands of free games? Do you spend so much time on your games that you do not have enough time for your studies, your QT and your other responsibilities? Do you play MMOG (multi-media online games) or MMORPG (multi-media online role-playing games)?  These games are dangerous as many of them have sinful content which are not suitable for any child of God. If you are playing them, please stop doing so. Sure, they may look exciting and tempting. But remember, to Eve, the fruit offered by the serpent was also attractive and tempting. Be on your guard!  There are also a lot of games that promote violence and unnecessary fighting. Shun them.
We are not against good computer games played within reasonable timeframes. God is not some heavenly “kill-joy” and does not allow any fun in our lives. You just need to be careful about how to honour God in this area of your life, too!
We are commanded to be holy as God is holy. And we are to do it in “all manner of conversation”, which means wherever we are, at home or in school or at play, whoever we are with, we are to glorify God. So let us start glorying God in our games!
Thought: Be holy in practical ways!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, have mercy on me and teach me to be holy in my choice of games. I know I can be holy as I have fun, but sometimes that is not easy. So help me Heavenly Father, for this I ask in Jesus’ name, amen.