JANUARY 24, 1 Peter 3:8-14

Christians are exhorted to be of one mind, united in a common faith. Unity is seen when one suffers and the others respond in love and compassion. We are to continue to help each other, and what better way to help than to pray for each other, and to encourage each other to press on in the Lord.

Christians can also be disadvantaged at times. If so, willingly accept it for Christ’s sake. The Apostle has this advice in verse 9, “Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing.” This means that we should not retaliate nor harbour any ill feeling. This is clearly taught as verse 10 tells us to control our tongue, or our speech, and not to speak evil of anyone who has wronged us.

On top of not repaying evil for evil, Peter tells us in verse 11 to eschew (avoid) evil, and to do good. Wow – this is getting really tough! To render evil for evil, or scolding for scolding, is sinful and unbecoming of Christians. Instead they should live peaceably with all, and the Lord, who sees, will surely bless.

Would the following happen if someone in your class removes your chair which you need, and you retaliate by taking away his chair?

1. He will complain to the teacher.
2. There will be punishment for both.
3. There will be more unhappiness.
4. There will be interruption to the class lesson.
5. The incident may escalate further with need for parents to come.

You are right, all the above would probably happen! If someone really plays a trick on you, do not get angry. Be kind, be gentle, behave as a Christian should. Of course, if you are bullied in school, that is a different matter altogether and you should tell your parents and teachers. But if it is some prank classmates play on each other at times, just bear with it.


Thought: If someone does evil to me, I should forgive and forget.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give me grace to do good when others do evil to me. This will be impossible without Your help. I know that and therefore to You I come for Thy grace to do what would be impossible on my own. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.