MARCH 15,  2 Peter 1:13 - 15

   At the time of writing this epistle, Peter was not a young man. He mentions that he is in the earthly tabernacle, which is his physical body. He reminds us that our body is a tabernacle – temple – of God. Nonetheless, it is still physical and temporary and will one day pass away. Having learnt so much from the Lord, he wants to share.

   How about you? You may think you have learnt quite a lot of the bible. Do you take the effort to remember what you learned, and share with others? Are you able to retell the bible accounts of which you have been told many times?

   Read Luke 15:11-32, the account of the Prodigal Son carefully. Then underline the key points of the story.

   1. It tells of a father’s love for his wayward son and compares it with God’s love for sinners.

   2. It shows the sins of the younger son.

   3. It reveals to us how we need to humble ourselves before we repent.

   4. It depicts the life and custom of the people at that time.

   Also, are you able to retell the story to witness to sinners?


Thought: Remember God’s Word to share it with others.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us Your Word. As Peter was so keen to share with others, may I learn from him. Help me to study and remember the wonderful accounts in the Bible so that I may be able to tell others! This I pray in the most precious name of Jesus, amen.