MARCH 20, 2 Peter 2:1-3

The church has never been free from false prophets and teachers. Whenever God’s work is growing, the devil will be displeased and will want to devise something against it. While God sends true prophets and servants, the devil sends deceivers to wreck the work. The Apostle warns us against false teachers, and the heresies they teach. They are like deadly poison.

One of the most poisonous animals in the world is a small (about 2 cm long) frog called the poison arrow frog. Found in Central and South America, this frog can be very dangerous although it does not look dangerous. Just two micrograms of toxin from the poison arrow frog is enough to kill a human. A ‘microgram’ is a very small amount. The ink in the period (or full stop) at the end of this sentence will weigh around six micrograms.

Now knowing the danger poison arrow frogs can pose, would you keep them as pets? Would you even go near them? Of course not!

In the same way, we must be wary of false doctrines. Pray for your church, that the Lord will keep it faithful, that God will give you wise and godly leaders, not false teachers and prophets. It is so easy to take our leaders for granted. Whether pastors or elders, deacons or Junior Worship teachers, they need our prayer support and encouragement. They are fighting a tough battle and so be part of the battle against false teachers by praying for our own leaders!


Thought: Protect us from false teachers.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I be grateful for my leaders and pray for them that they not be tired in the fight against the wrong. Help me also to support them, to encourage them in ways that I can to assure them they are not alone in the battle for the truth. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.