MARCH 30, 2 Peter 3:14

Reading today’s verse may surprise some of you. How can we ever be sinless and spotless and blameless? Is this verse teaching us that we can be perfect? No! Instead, it is teaching us to live a strong Christian life and to be in close faithful fellowship with God, and that is to be a mature Christian.

If we are serious about living a committed Christian life, we must, as taught in yesterday’s reading, believe that there would be a new heaven and new earth for us. We may have been blessed with a delightful family and wonderful friends. You may be much loved and blessed. But no matter how blessed life on earth is, we must not forget this is a temporary home; our real home is in heaven. And when we have that in mind, we would have a new perspective of our lives in a practical way.

There was a girl called Tracy. Tracy was heartbroken when her father told the family a year ago he had cancer of the lungs. The family was devastated. Dad did not smoke, was a happy and committed Christian, and yet God allowed this illness. Although only ten years old, Tracy wanted to know why would God allow this dreadful illness to afflict her precious daddy? And she never had the courage to ask dad until one day when the two of them were alone at home. She summoned up her courage and asked dad. Although weak with the illness, dad smiled and told Tracy to turn to 2 Peter 3:14, our text for today! And what did dad say? He taught his precious little girl that if we fix our eyes on heavenly things and know that everything on earth would not last, we would love the things God wants us to love. We would also rely on God for everything and through leaning on God alone, be in peace and eventually be mature Christians, even if one has cancer. Tracy never forgot that lesson…


Thought: May I grow to be a mature Christian

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I would love to grow in my Christian walk and I pray that I may always have the right focus on Jesus and heavenly things. In that way, I may mature and be at peace with things around me, even if difficulties come my way. This is my humble prayer, in Jesus’ name, amen.