MARCH 27,  2 Peter 3:3-7

   If you try taking to people about the Rapture, or about Jesus’ second coming, you will find that many do not take you seriously. Some may laugh at you; they think it is ridiculous. These people are called scoffers.

   Some of these scoffers might even claim to be Christians. They come from churches which do not teach the Rapture or the second coming of Christ. Their pastors and teachers do not talk about them. Thus, their members are ignorant of the doctrine of the Last Days, about the Rapture and the Second Coming. But to us who believe this doctrine, it is a precious promise and our blessed hope. We look forward to that glorious day when we shall see Christ in all his glory.

   The Rapture will take place in the most unexpected of times and will be a time when all Christians on earth will be raised up to heaven by the Lord himself. Jesus himself will be so glad to see us He will meet us halfway! 7 years after the rapture, Jesus will come again and this is commonly called The Second Coming; giving us a wonderful hope.

   The doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ is a blessed doctrine because:

   1. It gives __________(orygl) to Christ who will physically and spiritually be Kings of kings and Lord of lords.


   2. It prepares us to live __________(olhy) lives as we wait for His coming.


   3. It gives us __________(ealz) to serve the Lord fervently knowing that Christ will come soon.


Thought: Be a believer, not a scoffer.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant me grace to wait and work as I wait for Your coming again. I know I must persevere and with Your help, I will! In Jesus’ name, amen.