MARCH 26 , 2 Peter 3:2


   A pure mind (recall yesterday’s reading?) is to have a mind full of the things of God. To be mindful of the words spoken by the prophets and the apostles, to be mindful of the commandments of God.

   To be mindful of the words of God also means we have to diligently study the Word of God which alone instructs us and directs us to the way we should go. Pay attention in class when the Sunday school teacher teaches, and do your Quiet Time diligently. Then, as you go to school or interact with family or friends, remember and do what God wants you to do!

   On an average day, how much time do you take to do these 3 things:


   1. complete school homework?


   2. relax (read leisure book, play games, watch TV etc.)?


   3. reading God’s Word?


   Sometimes we get nightmares. And often, that is because we watched some scary scene on the television or heard someone tell a frightening story. Then we think about it and these thoughts enter our mind even at night, causing us to have nightmares.

   If we fill our mind with the things of God, we would then be thinking more about the things of God! If instead we are too preoccupied with school work or entertainment, our minds will be filled with these things!

   Dear child, how then do we have “godly remembrance”? One good method is to memorise bible verses. Then as we commit the verse to memory, our mind would repeat these words and they will bring comfort to us. For starters, try remembering today’s text in 2 Peter 3:2, “That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour.”


Thought: We must fill our minds with the right things.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, let me fill my mind with Thy truth so that it can guide me to love Thee and Thy Word more. Help me to be more diligent to memorise bible verses, and this is my prayer in Jesus’ name, amen.