MARCH 25, 2 Peter 3:1


In South America, there is a curious little spider that lives like no other of the same kind – it has its home underwater! It forms a bubble around itself, like a diving bell, and then it sinks to the bottom of a pond or river. It will remain there for hours, living below the water, and yet breathing the air it took from above! The amazing thing is when it returns to the surface, it will be found to be perfectly dry. Not the slightest moisture would have penetrated its capsule. It is in the water and yet separate from it.

In a way, that is how we should live our lives. This fantastic diving-bell spider actually is a land creature, but with the bubble, it is able to live below water. We are to be heavenly citizens, but need to live on earth. Very often, we find it difficult to keep our minds pure, and our lives holy. May the Word of God and faith that we have be like this spiritual bubble that surrounds us, and that protects us from the stain of this world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can be free from the stain of sin and shame?

 25 03 2019








Thought: May I be like the diving-bell spider that lives in water!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for that account of the spider that can still remain dry although it lives in water. Help me realise I can still be pure and holy even if I live in this sin-stained world. In Jesus’ name I pray – amen.