MARCH 29, 2 Peter 3:11-13

Some of you may have heard about global warming. Proponents of it claim that because mankind has almost depleted the ozone layer, the sun’s harmful rays cannot be blocked and thus, more heat is released into the earth. That in turn creates a huge warming effect that melts ice-caps and eventually, the whole world will be destroyed by water. Can that be true? Verse 12 tells us that is not going to happen. It is true that the earth will be destroyed. But how it is to be destroyed is where the difference lies; the bible says the earth will be destroyed by fire – perhaps a global nuclear war, a scenario which is not too far-fetched in today’s modern technology.29 03 2019

The apostle Peter clearly says that the whole world, and all the works that are therein, will be burnt up. How then should we live our lives? Should we not prepare for the new heavens and new earth to come?

We could prepare for the new heaven and new earth by living a holy life, obeying God’s commandments. We strive for God’s kingdom, witnessing and inviting our friends to Junior Worship or VBS (Vacation Bible School) because they will hear the gospel more fully there. We give out tracts wherever possible, and we also give our testimony of how God saved us. We do all we can to extend God’s kingdom, and give the gospel to our unsaved friends and loved ones.

Thought: Remember you are a citizen of heaven!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to live like a citizen of heaven, not earth. In that way, grant me independence of mind, not to be like some of my friends who may be ungodly, but to be like a citizen of heaven. I know this will be tough to do, and that is why I need Thy help. This I pray in Jesus’ name – amen.