Exodus 16:16-36
Genesis 2:1-3


“And God blessed the seventh day,
and sanctified it …”



Specific commands were given to the people to collect manna. Each person was to collect one measure for himself and one measure for each of his family members. They were not to leave any till the next morning. But some disobeyed, and the leftovers bred worms and stank. The command was also that they collect twice the normal measure on the day before the Sabbath so that they would not have to do any such work of gathering food on the Sabbath. This double collection in preparation for the Sabbath would not rot. Moreover, Moses told them there would be no manna from heaven on the Sabbath. Yet there were those who went out to seek manna on the seventh day. Naturally they found none. They failed God’s test again.

The practical lesson of the LORD giving manna on a day-by-day basis was to teach the children of Israel the lesson of faith. They needed to trust God for their daily provisions and realize that their provisions were indeed from Him. Likewise, they needed to trust and obey the LORD in keeping the Sabbath holy. The supernatural fact that the manna would rot if kept overnight, except on the sixth night, was intended to teach them that He would provide for them when they kept the Sabbath. This must be a clear lesson for us today. Keeping the Lord’s Day holy unto the Lord instead of seeking to make a living is all about faith. May this very tangible daily occurrence, experienced by the children of Israel and described explicitly to us, transform our perception about keeping the Lord’s Day. Some of us do not believe the LORD and are fearful that if we turn down jobs that require us to work on Sundays, we will suffer and not survive. Students may think that if they do not jump on every chance to study more (including on Sundays), they will not do well in school. But remember: the LORD can provide fresh manna, and He can rot manna too. Trust Him to provide. He can also withhold from you and have you return empty-handed should you disobey.

THOUGHT: Keeping the Lord’s Day holy is trusting God by faith.
PRAYER: LORD, teach me to lay aside my worries and keep the Lord’s
Day with joy.