Exodus 17:8-16
Ephesians 6:12-20


“… we wrestle not
against flesh and blood …”



Moses sent Joshua (who is first mentioned in Exodus 17:9) with chosen men to fight the Amalekites. Joshua courageously obeyed. This would be their first external enemy since crossing the Red Sea. And this would be the first time the children of Israel would be told to fight using their own arms.

The LORD had always been intervening and fighting for them directly thus far. But the LORD needed them to understand that it was always He who aided them and fought for them. God made them realize this by having Moses up on a hill where they could see him with his hands lifted up and praying. They would be winning in battle when Moses’ hands were up but losing when his hands hung down. Aaron and Hur aided Moses’ tired arms. The children of Israel needed to learn that though they were fighting a physical battle, it was in reality a spiritual one. God does not constantly use miracles to achieve His purposes. He tends to use His people. Now when they face oppositions and trials in their way, they must remember it is a spiritual warfare. If the children of Israel could be prevented from entering the Promised Land by the Amalekites, then Satan would win in preventing the Saviour from being born into Israel. Life’s trials and challenges as we walk with our Lord are spiritual battles that may discourage us and hinder us from going forward. Because we know we are obeying Him, we need not give in to avoid hardships nor run away from facing the battle. Since it is a spiritual battle no matter what you are facing (Eph 6:12), then keep praying (Eph 6:18). He will answer. But if we falter in prayer, the enemy will prevail. While we are doing God’s will and obeying His commands, we must depend on Him in unceasing prayer. Satan will send oppositions and fearful difficulties. But fight on in prayer and stay your ground. The enemy will be vanquished if you persevere and depend on Jehovah-nissi, which means “God is my banner.”

THOUGHT: Battles I face daily are in reality spiritual obstacles.
PRAYER: LORD, help me win my battles so that I can go forward.