Exodus 20:8-11
Isaiah 58:13; 1 Corinthians 16:2


“… call the sabbath a delight
… honour him.”



The LORD brought in the creation order to emphasize that keeping the Sabbath is not a temporal but an ongoing command for His children. God used the Apostle’s writings and practices in the New Testament (1 Cor 16:2; Rev 1:10) to show us that Sunday, the Lord’s Day, replaces the Old Testament Saturday Sabbath.

Keeping the Sabbath holy means to set it apart wholly for the LORD. It is the whole day, not just a few hours during worship or Bible studies. Do your best to finish your homework, jobs, and family chores from Monday to Saturday so that you can keep the Lord’s Day in worshipping and serving Him, studying His Word, and in private and family devotions. Avoid unnecessary work that can be done on other days. Works of necessity and mercy continue, but do not purposely take on Sunday duties for the extra pay. Recreational activities and games must be avoided. We must be aware of what fills our thoughts and speech. It is not a day for long conversations about our jobs, hobbies, politics, or favourite food. Let our words be about our Lord and His Kingdom. Does this sound very legalistic and constraining? If so, you miss the point. His commands are not grievous. “Remember the sabbath day” (Exod 20:8) reminds us that we easily forget. It is set apart for your spiritual good when you spend it with the Lord. It keeps you from being overwhelmed by the world and its ways. It cultivates delight in worship and service to your God. How can you grow to love someone more when you hardly take time to know and do things with the person? Without keeping one day apart for the LORD, we will forget Him easily and grow apart from Him. Do not rush off after Sunday worship and Bible studies. Stay back and serve in the outreaches, attend the evening services or fellowships. Sabbath rest is not going home to catch up on sleep. Have faith that God will help you with your work and studies when you put Him first. God is faithful.

THOUGHT: Keeping the Sabbath involves the entire Sunday.
PRAYER: LORD, I resolve to keep the entire Lord’s Day to worship and to serve Thee.