Exodus 23:14-19
Exodus 13:4-11


“… this do in
remembrance of me.”



The LORD commanded that the children of Israel kept a feast, three times a year, unto Him when they were in the Promised Land. The feast of unleavened bread is one of them. They were to eat only unleavened bread for seven days just like the time they did when the LORD took them out of the land of Egypt in the month of Abib. This month was also the beginning of the new calendar God gave them. In fact this is another reminder of what occurred in Exodus 13:4-11. The repeat of this feast shows how important it was to the LORD and for them to ensure they did not forget. The significance of this feast was to remind them of their deliverance from bondage. It emphasized living a holy life of separation from sin and to practice biblical separation. They must remember they were not to be like the people of the world in their sinful ways. In the feast of the harvest, they were to bring in their firstfruits of their labours in the fields. The firstfruits represented the LORD’s provision for them. And in the feast of the ingathering, they must bring to the LORD, at the end of the year, what they gathered also. These must remind them of their covenantal relationship with the Holy God. All the males were to present themselves before God three times a year during these feasts. These were joyous occasions of important spiritual reminders. But in these reminders, there was the warning not to seethe a kid in his mother’s milk. Using the kid’s life source to kill it was an act of utter disregard for proper respect and gratitude.

We celebrate special occasions through the year because we believe reminders are important. Though we do not have these feasts today, Christians must still constantly remind ourselves that God saved us to live a holy life instead of a worldly life. We must remember His covenantal faithfulness towards us in providing for our needs, and we must show our gratitude by living for Him, and not for self, to fulfil His purposes.

THOUGHT: God desires that we remember His goodness.
PRAYER: LORD, help me not to forget why Thou hast saved me and Thy goodness towards me.