Exodus 24:1-18
2 Corinthians 3:3


“… written…in fleshy tables
of the heart.”



When Moses came down from the mount, he told the people all of God’s words (commands) and judgments (judicial laws). The people responded that they accepted and would obey all of them. By this they affirmed their acknowledgment of God’s covenant with them. Moses then wrote down all of these oral words of the LORD, which began the writing of Holy Scriptures. Thereafter he set up twelve pillars representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These would likely serve as silent witnesses of the covenant between the children of Israel and the LORD. Moses instructed young men to prepare the burnt offerings and peace offerings. The blood was divided into two parts, one for each party in this covenant. He sprinkled one part on the altar, and then read the book of the covenant to the people. After the people again affirmed their obedience to what God had commanded them, Moses sprinkled the other half of the blood on the people. With this, he pronounced the sealing of the covenant with the LORD. After this, God allowed Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy elders to have sight of Him in some form. However, there was only a description of what was under His feet. Now that the covenant was ratified, God then called Moses to the summit to receive the commandments which He personally wrote on tables of stone. The purpose was that “thou mayest teach them” (Exod 24:12).

God gave the Ten Commandments immediately and asked Moses to teach His new covenantal people. After being saved in the covenant of grace, God’s intention is that we, His people, learn His law. We must be interested to be taught His Word with the intention of learning to obey it. Salvation is not just to escape hell but to live in obedience to God so that we will fulfil His purpose for saving us. God did not make Israel His people to give them a good land to enjoy it for themselves. Their lives must reflect God. Likewise must we today shine for God wherever He puts us after saving us.

THOUGHT: What is my view of God’s law after salvation?
PRAYER: LORD, help me to obey Thy Laws so that I may fulfil my covenantal obligations after salvation.