Exodus 25:1-27:21
Hebrews 9:1-11


“… See … that thou make all things
according to the pattern shewed to thee …”



With the covenant ratified, God gave detailed instructions for the construction of the Tabernacle. The purpose was that God may dwell among the people (Exod 25:8). God is Infinite and Omnipresent, but the LORD used the Tabernacle to signify His dwelling presence among His covenantal people. The articles God included in this earthly Tabernacle included the ark of the covenant with its mercy seat (Exod 25:10-22), the table of shewbread (Exod 25:23-30), and the golden candlestick (Exod 25:31-40). The cladding and structure for housing these items were given (Exod 26:1-37). There was the most holy place, within the inner vail, where only the ark was placed. Outside this most holy place was the outer vail of the holy place for the placement of the candlestick (southside) and table of shewbread (northside). The brass altar and its instruments (Exod 27:1-8), the outer court (Exod 27:9-19), and the concoction of oil for the candlestick were specified (Exod 27:20-21). The most holy place, the holy place, and the outer courtyard and the completed structure would be about the size of half a football field.

The Bible teaches us that this Tabernacle and its contents, while wonderful, point to a greater and more perfect tabernacle (Heb 8:5; 9:1-11). We are not to allegorize the details. But broadly we see Christ and His ministry. For example, the shewbread reminds us of Christ as the Bread of life, the candlestick pointing to Christ as the Light of the world. The sacrifices on the altar remind us of Christ who died for us. The inner vail was rent when Christ died, making it possible for us to approach God’s mercy seat personally through Christ alone because His blood cleanses us of our sin. When we read all these details, we must be thrilled and grateful and see the glory and grace of Christ our Saviour. And we must hence be evermore grateful and give our redeemed lives to Him.

THOUGHT: Do I see how wonderful and gracious Christ is through the Tabernacle?
PRAYER: LORD, may I understand more of Christ’s work of salvation.