Exodus 28:1-43
1 Peter 2:9-10


“… ye shall be unto me
a kingdom of priests …”



Exodus 28 describes Aaron’s (the high priest) and Aaron’s sons’ (ordinary priests) garments. The design, materials and placements for each part of the high priest’s attire was given: the ephod (Exod 28:6-14), the breastplate with Urim and Thummim (Exod 28:15-30), the robe (Exod 28:31-35), the mitre headdress (Exod 28:36-38), and the outer coat (Exod 28:39). Then God emphasized the gravity of the priesthood by warning of death (Exod 28:43) if they served bearing iniquity.

Two onyx stones, with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on them (six tribes on each), were to be carried upon the high priest’s shoulders (Exod 28:9-12) before the LORD. In addition, the breastplate, worn over the high priest’s heart served as a memorial before the LORD continually (Exod 28:29). On it were twelve precious stones, each engraved with a tribe’s name. It reflects how Christ, our great High Priest today, bears His people on His shoulders and has them very close to His heart. We must be greatly encouraged by this picture of His love and concern for us and hence always trust and have faith in Him. Undershepherds must always have the same heart for God’s people and not be hirelings. The Urim and Thummim which reveal God’s will were placed in this breastplate and Aaron was to bear the judgment of God’s people upon his heart before God. God’s Word today reveals His will and judgments to us. Pastors today must diligently make known God’s Word to the flock so that they will know God’s ways and what God expects and desires of them. This responsibility must be close to the heart of all pastors. Engraved on the frontlets of the headdress was “HOLINESS TO THE LORD.” Holiness must certainly characterize all in God’s service but also all believers today because we are a royal priesthood (1 Pet 2:9). When we serve God, we must do so with genuine love and concern for His people, and not harbour any known sins as we serve Him. Only then will we be useful for and accepted of Him.

THOUGHT: I am a part of a royal priesthood.
PRAYER: LORD, may I have concern for others as I serve Thee.