Exodus 29:1-30:38
1 Peter 1:15-16


“… be ye holy in
all manner of conversation.”



In Exodus 29, God instructed Moses to consecrate the priests who were entering office. The materials to be used in the washing, robing, and anointing of the priests and the sacrifices needed were specified. The word “hallow” (Exod 29:1) is the same Hebrew root word for “sanctify” (Exod 29:27, 33, 36-37, 43-44) and “holy” (Exod 29:6, 29-30, 33-34, 37), and is also on the frontlet of the mitre. The washing signified cleansing. Before entering the priesthood office, the priest must be consecrated. Sanctification and holiness is a clear theme. But having the specified outward garments alone did not make Aaron and his sons fit to serve. They were reminded to serve with clean hands and pure hearts. Holiness is not just correctly doing outward acts, but by being wholly pure and not harbouring known sins. Being holy is immediate repentance of every known sin in us.

Exodus 30 describes the construction of the altar of incense and the brass laver, as well as the concoction of the anointing oil and incense. The priests must wash their hands and feet before they served, emphasizing again the imperative to serve God with clean hands. It was absolutely forbidden to use the anointing oil (Exod 30:32-33) or the incense (Exod 30:36-37) for any other use except for the LORD. They were holy, set apart for the LORD’s use only. No strange incense was allowed. Everything must be done God’s way. The underlying idea of the word “holy” and “sanctify” is that of putting aside, reserved for, dedicated entirely for the LORD alone. Every true believer is a priest in the royal priesthood. He must be holy. He must be fully set apart for his Lord’s use. Being holy is consecrating every part of oneself, not living partly for God and partly for self and the world. Are your faculties, talents, and being all for the LORD’s use only? Do you study, work, do all things for the LORD only? Are you serving the LORD with clean hands? Have you set yourself apart from the sins of the world and live wholly for the LORD?

THOUGHT: Am I pure and fully set aside for God only?
PRAYER: “Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee.”