MARCH 3, 2 Peter 1:3

All of you know about God. As long as you have read the Junior RPG or attended church, you must have come across the word “God”. But knowing God and knowing about God are two very different things.


The most powerful man in the world today is the President of America. Millions around the world know about him. They know he is eloquent and powerful and was chosen by the American public to be their leader. But of these millions, how many know him personally? A very small percentage out of these millions.


Likewise, many of us know about God. We read of Him in the Bible, in Junior RPG, hear of Him in Sunday School. But do you really know Him personally? Can you call Him your Saviour and Friend? Is He the one to whom you turn when you are afraid? Is He the one to whom you ask for guidance when you are not sure about things? If so, thank God! If not, beware. Millions know about God. However, the important thing is not knowing about Him – it is knowing Him. To know God is to be his child. And once we are God’s children, we would automatically like to read His Word, love Him, obey Him, to try to be a good child.

These are some points to help you to assess if you know God personally.

  • Committed your life to Him.
  • Read and follow the Bible.
  • Witness to others for Jesus.
  • Put others above yourself.


Thought: To know God is to love Him.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I know You and love You more and more. And Heavenly Father, teach me to commit more of myself to You. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.