Exodus 31:1-11
1 Corinthians 12:4-11


“… I have filled … I have given
… I have put …”



The design had been given by God for the Tabernacle, the items in it, and the priests’ garments. Now God told Moses He had specifically called Bezaleel to do the work. And He had filled Bezaleel with His Spirit for the tasks. Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge had been given to Bezaleel so that he knew how to work with metal, stones, and wood for the job. God also raised Aholiab to help Bezaleel and gave wisdom to other workers for this particular work.

As we have read so far, God gave detailed specifications to achieve His design for the items. Each item and the whole structure must be built precisely according to God’s design for it to be accepted by God. It was not a simple task. It would take great genius and ability, humanly speaking. But here God reveals to us how these men would have the needed skills for the elaborate and complex tasks. God was the source, He filled them with the Holy Spirit. When God has a task, He not only provides the necessary manpower, He also endues them with the relevant and needed abilities. We must never fret and wonder how God’s work will be done and by whom. And we should never worry if we are tasked to do His work. If it is His will and His calling, He will enable. We must also depend upon the Holy Spirit and not on our own flesh when we do anything for God. Therefore, we must not be proud and boast about any achievements lest we steal God’s glory from Him. God reveals very explicitly where skills come from. The believer must be very aware of this fact from this chapter. This does not mean we do not need to study or learn skills. But even with our education and training, unless God grants the abilities to apply them, we will fail. We must constantly lean upon Him to help in all that we do. Like the Old Testament believers, we have the indwelling of the Spirit permanently after salvation. But we must learn to pray for and depend upon the filling of the Holy Spirit to do His work.

THOUGHT: I need the filling of the Holy Spirit to do God’s work.
PRAYER: LORD, fill me with Thy Spirit for Thy service.